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Research & development

Research of next-gen materials. Developing thin film deposition process. Material analyses (SEM, EDX, confocal microscopy, Raman spectroscopy).

Data processing

Experimental data processing and graphing (MATLAB, OriginLab, Plotly, MS Excel). Results reporting and presentation.


iOS, macOS, Linux and Windows. Office package Microsoft Office and typesetting system LaTeX. Programming languages Python, C, HTML.


Small-scale wired and wireless computer networks including hardware setup, file storage and data backup. Network maintenance, administration and security.


Computer hardware, Apple products and various consumer electronics, single-chip computer Raspberry Pi, remote control and sensors.


Cycling, swimming, fitness. Lately photographing (can be seen in the gallery). Various DIY projects and web page design.


I’m PhD. student of Plasma Physics at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. I have completed master's degree program of Plasma Physics and Nanotechnology. This study gave me strong knowledge of general physics and also view on research and development in the field of nanotechnology (materials, analytical methods and utilization).

Thin films have become my main focus, especially technology of deposition and characterization of thin films. Currently I’m aiming to synthesize nanolaminate structures that exhibit high hardness and maintain ductility.

I’m a member of research group, which focuses on thin film deposition using magnetron sputtering and plasma diagnostic. This work enables me to cooperate also witch people outside the academic circles. I participated on contract research of developing an industry technology.


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